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Wireless and Coaxial High-Speed Internet

We provide affordable internet access for home and business through wireless and coaxial connections. We offer high-speed wireless connection with range of upto 15km peer-to-peer. With point-to-point access of speed 1Gbps+ we provide stable high-speed Virtual Private Networks. Our coaxial network further expands the capability of our network by providing internet access in heavily populated areas with minimal wireless signal noise.


Pricing Options


$2500per month

  • 24/7 Free Tech Support
  • Up to 8Mbps Internet (Unlimited)


$3000per month

  • 24/7 Free Tech Support
  • Up to 10Mbps Internet (Unlimited)


  1. Internet install fee of $2000 applies to all package
  2. Many factors affect speed and exact speed is not guaranteed.